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Eternal Love Wining Africa, ELWA Radio, began in 1954 and over the following 35 years grew into a well-respected Christian radio, broadcasting God’s Word into the unreached areas of much of West and North Africa.

ELWA Radio Bill Thompson                 ELWA Radio Ed Kayea

During the 14-year civil war in Liberia, the radio station was bombed and looted. Since the end of the war, the radio has been relocated to an old ELWA garage building. Sadly, in November 2011, this was completely burnt down and at present the station is working from a temporary building.

To restore ELWA Radio and enable all the people of Liberia, and countries further afield through internet radio, satellite and other technologies to hear the Gospel, be discipled and see their lives transformed.

Our current schedule of roughly nineteen (19) hours of English broadcast per day and one and one-half hours of Liberian Language broadcast in Grebo, Kru, Gola, Bassa, Kpelle, Kissi, Dan and Krahn is supported almost entirely by local funds. Roughly seventy-five percent of ELWA Radio’s income to date has resulted in charges from public service announcements, requests, donations, and local program producers, and from pastors and churches who sign up for air time to broadcast their programs.

ELWA Radio would echo thanks to a fellow partner in the major change in 2003. HCJB International provided most of the resources for short-wave broadcasts from a unique transmitter and antenna, which they developed and installed. We thank God for the opportunity to once again reach all of Liberia and surrounding countries with the life changing Gospel of Christ.

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We need to construct a new studio. Equipment, such as the computers, microphones and the main sound board need to be replaced.

We wish to provide a newsroom, studios and control rooms for live programs and the facility to record in a number of different languages.

Rough estimate $300,000. We have the technical advice, a construction manager and $132,000 already raised to start construction in November 2012. Would you be willing to come alongside our Liberian colleagues and support this opportunity to reach those who have not heard the gospel?

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